What Would The Neighbours Say

Imagine what the neighbours would say,

If they heard what we do when we play.

I wonder if they’d complain, call for eviction?

Or perhaps get it on create their own friction?

Would we know, seeing them the next day?

Would they blush and rush off, giving all away?

Imagine what might happen if they heard us fuck?

Would it be fun or much too much?

2 thoughts on “What Would The Neighbours Say

  1. It would absolutely be fun!
    You chasing me…
    With your loaded semen gun!
    Running around the flat
    Where no one can see…
    Pretending we’re on a magic mat
    That could fly above the sky
    Just being in love, playing our games
    I think the neighbors wouldn’t mind daddy❤️
    I love you, and all we do❤️❤️❤️🍭

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