Our Blend

A blend of us, between you and me.

A pinch of beast, a sprinkle of beauty.

What do we get from this mix?

A whole lot of love and the greatest sex.

Lashings of passion, endless portions of joy,

Cooked up together with methods employed.

The recipe we’d wished for all our lives,

A feast that will sustain us whenever we dine.

2 thoughts on “Our Blend

  1. The best ever sex! Yummy!
    I wanna pinch you beast
    Then bite, then feast
    And fill my tummy
    With your gooey gummy😝
    I love our blend
    I don’t need to pretend
    I can be me, the real me
    And you know I only want the real you❤️
    Thankyou for writing to me here (and elsewhere). I love you with passion🌹🧡🌹

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