Adieu is poopoo!!!πŸ’©

Today my heart skipped her beat
She went from here to there
Without missing it
I gasped for breath
And enjoyed every single little death
I want to do better
I know I can get there
If only I…..
To you daddy I shared my top secret theory
Before I got a bit teary
Because a storm was coming
And hatches you needed to batten
So we said adieu
And now I miss you!

3 thoughts on “Adieu is poopoo!!!πŸ’©

  1. There’s always a storm lining up.
    Some big, some in a tea cup.
    It’ll be fine if we’re prepared,
    Wear a hood to protect our heads.
    Then after when clouds clear,
    You know I will be right here.

    I love you ❀❀❀

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