Melancholy has taken grip of my soul,

Tears at my heart, my mind, my whole.

It’s lowered its black veil to block out light,

A blanket of gloom against which I cannot fight.

I tried to hide and let it pass unnoticed,

But it heard the tears upon which I was choking.

It claws at my pain carving wounds upon which it feeds.

It finds in me, all it could ever need.

Unhappiness, guilt, A forlorn lack of hope.

When the reality check hit like a rat that jumped boat.

I will look for it again I have to, to survive.

I need that hope or I might as well die.

A victim to reality as dreams are just that it seems.

And melancholy found me, a ripe banquet on which it feeds.

2 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. Reality bites
    This pain, these fights
    Should I stay or should I go?
    Am I worth the trouble?
    Or can we reinforce, and double
    Our efforts at love
    Our loving efforts
    I hate it that you’re hurting
    I love you
    When you’re hurting, I’m hurting
    I can’t breathe
    Is our life together all a folly?
    Am I causing your melancholy?
    All I ever wanted to do was love you
    I had so much love to give
    And you were in need of so much
    Maybe too much is enough
    A hood of despair has come down all around me now. I am breaking. Fuck everything and fuck everyone. I don’t want a life without you in it. But every step I make seems to take me further away from you.


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