I Remember

I remember the feel of your smooth soft skin.

How it felt in my grasp as I rammed my cock in.

How your hips felt squeezed tight in my grip.

As I hammered home lust, all mystery stripped.

I remember your soft scent, a musky delight.

As my tongue lashed your cunt and closing legs I did fight.

How you wriggled intently til you eventually bucked.

Cumming as I latched to your clit, as I fiercely sucked.

I remember gently tracing lines upon your skin.

Looking and loving, taking all of you in.

Thinking what did I do to deserve a girl such as this.

Saying “I love you” as we shared another lingering kiss.

4 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. Pull me to the edge
    Of the bed
    Of ecstasy
    You’ve made real every fantasy
    Everything we do…
    All of it: dreams that have come true❤️
    Cuff my ankles in your grip
    Peel me away, make me strip
    Ease into me, the way you do
    Lash me with your love
    Until we both whimper
    For each other
    In each other 🖤

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    1. I love that beds corner edge.
      Deeper deeper deeper still.
      Pushing into the limit with you.
      Again and again I fill.
      It s perfect just like you.
      Perfect for all I play.
      It’s perfect like you.
      I long for our next day.

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