His delight, your distress

Daddy wants you bound,

Wants you ready to receive.

He says you’ve been a naughty miss,

Wants to spank you for his grief.

Whether you’ve been a naughty girl,

Matters not in his grand scheme.

For he’d find anything at all,

To bring about this scene.

He loves to see his sweetest peach,

Loves to colour it pink.

The feel of warmth as his palm connects,

The squeals he hears, his kink.

So babygirl, my good, good girl,

You might as well transgress,

For Daddy wants what he wants,

His delight, your distress.

4 thoughts on “His delight, your distress

  1. For you daddy…
    I like to be undressed
    So you can see and play
    For me it is not distress
    To open, to splay
    Spank me daddy!
    I have been naughty
    You know I have…
    Let’s both delight
    In this love, this revelry
    One touch, leads to our escape
    One whimper, to our place
    I love you daddy❤️

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