That Might Be The One

I like it, I love it.
How you feel, Inside and out.
The response shuddering forth,
In my mind no doubt.
A little death?
Well, we all die.
But it’s not the dying,
It’s how we live our life.
I live mine,
As you live yours.
The perfect pair,
Two love whores.
Watching, learning,
Feeling our way.
Needing, yearning,
Wanting our next day.
For that might be the one,
Our forever, to stay.
That might be the one,
When we don’t fly away.

2 thoughts on “That Might Be The One

  1. I read and read again
    These morsels for my mind
    A dream of just us two
    Living not dying
    It will be that way
    Instead of saying goodbye
    We will live without lie
    A heaven for our sky
    It might be the one…
    The next?
    Maybe the one after…?
    It will happen

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