Your Sire

Long lean lines,

That more than please my eyes.

If I had a type?

You are it, I cannot deny.

You spark in me,

Feelings so primitive, so wild.

I’d have taken you in a former life,

I’d have claimed you as mine.

But those days are passed,

We’re civilised now, isn’t that true?

Or is there a spark of our past lives,

Left deep inside of you?

Are you happy for my eyes to devour you?

Does being prey wet your desires?

Are you happy to be coveted?

To be taken by me your Sire.

6 thoughts on “Your Sire

  1. I’d like more than just your eyes
    Devouring me….
    That’s the truth👅
    Hmm, yes
    We can no longer procreate
    Can’t turn back time
    But I’d be a liar liar
    Pants on fire (and how daddy….😈)
    If I said I didn’t want you as my sire
    You are quite a stud
    A strong virile steed….
    Oh my, yes…..indeed ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Giddy-up Daddy….
    Love is coming like a flood💦

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    1. I’ll devour you
      In less than two weeks
      Memories made
      For us to keep
      Me your Sire
      You my girl
      Making love so much
      Our heads will twirl
      We will both feed
      Each will devour
      And we’ll savour our tastes
      Hour upon blissful hour

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