If Lust Is Such A Sin

If lust is such a sin,

Why does it come ready built in?

Why are we born,

With a desperate need to follow the faun?

If lust is such a sin,

Why does it precede love at the beginning?

Why does arousal come first?

That desire, that unquenchable thirst.

If lust is such a sin,

We’re doomed to fall to the animal within.

For all it’s in our true nature, 

Lust is a part of what ever God made you.

4 thoughts on “If Lust Is Such A Sin

  1. I want your lust
    But so much more
    I have a feeling
    Itching beneath my resolve
    So primitive, I evolve
    It’s a question
    But is love the answer?
    Being a bobblehead
    What is love…
    Baby don’t hurt me
    Maybe its just-lust instead

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    1. For us
      Lust led to love
      We took
      All of the above
      And now
      It grows ever bigger
      We pull
      All the rift triggers
      Our love
      Was preceded by lust
      And it blossomed
      Like the springtime we trust

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