Sober Blood

Sober in my blood
But my thoughts…
They’re drunken for you
Slurring, blurring
I need to be loved, please just love me
Hold me with both your hands
And lift me to our place
Take me without whimper
Because my grace is breaking
And I’m ripping out the pages
Tell me when you feel it too…
The catch in your throat
The wallow far too big
…for either of us to swallow
And our lips, softly they touch
Finding each other, finding their solace
Our disposition tender and so sweet

I love you Beast ❤️

3 thoughts on “Sober Blood

  1. Our disposition,
    A life worth living.
    Both sacrificing
    Both giving.
    Our situation,
    There might be others,
    But not many.
    Few get to share,
    The love we exchange.
    Fewer persevere,
    I find it strange.
    For there’s no feeling,
    Like how I feel it’s true.
    There’s nothing in this world,
    No one that makes me feel like you.
    Thankyou Beauty!
    Thankyou universal powers that be!
    Thankyou for delivering you to me.

    I love you Beauty ❤❤❤

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