Your Toy

And like a slinky, I move onto you

All fluidity, bringing to life your imagination…

You watch as I open my pretense like some tasty crustacean,

And I can see your dying to chew and ingest me

Here there is no sympathy

So, we pull each other apart

Is it against….or is it with?

All we know is that the devil is running…

And our bodies are keeping pace

Side stitches, fears of waylay

We become a marathon of releases

Mirror to mirror, and face to face

Truths are the vows we trade

Each of us holding the others heart, defilade

Love is our path of least resistance

In this bed, our true existence

4 thoughts on “Your Toy

  1. I cannot resist you,
    This much you know to be true.
    Baby, we’d shock Dr Ruth,
    With what we want to, and do.
    I try, between your thighs,
    To eat you, eat you alive.
    My utmost ambition before I die,
    Me to fuck you, as my wife.
    Sympathy lies in the dictionary,
    Not with you below in missionary.
    Taking me and my special delivery.
    Consummate what we have as necessary.
    Love, lust, and so much more,
    Blood and cum spilt, in debauched encore.
    Both of us crying more, fucking more.
    Til we drop, toys, toys like a story hidden, amour.

    I love you 🖤

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