To Hell We Sank

The buckle locks the ball in place.

Your mouth open wide and full.

Struggling for breath with reddened face.

A look that I’ll never find dull.

I pull your legs up, arse ready to receive.

The belt I fold over in two.

And with this belt I’ll make you believe.

That all that you want can come true.

Whack! It stings, the very first blow.

A burning resonance spreads.

Whack! Again letting you know.

This is feeling that you sometimes dread.

But not today as you struggle for breath.

Your having the time of your life.

Not today as your mind’s left bereft.

By the belts next hefty slice.

Eyes so mournful tug at my heart.

Begging me please, for what I’m not sure.

So with the last lash I swing wide to arse.

And the impact shakes to your core.

There there, my good good girl.

I whipser my heart felt thanks.

There there, my angel, my world.

Tis with me to hell that you sank.

One thought on “To Hell We Sank

  1. Sank, and sunk
    Being with you brought me out of my funk!😜
    The things we do….the things we will do….
    Kinky doesn’t begin to describe,
    Our lusty vibe….
    Together we’ve found the next level
    In one another we truly revel….
    So, gag me daddy…
    Spank my bottom
    Push me down our slide…
    On our beautiful rainbow we will glide
    Into our love, pure gold
    We will never be too old
    I love you❤️
    Please keep writing ❤️


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