Flames of Love

The after glow of a steady burn,

As embers dim, stoking I yearn,

Memories of nights set aflame,

Smiling fondly, I’m sure you’re the same.

I’ll never forget, what you give,

I hope you know, it’s for you I live,

It’s only you that lights my eyes,

It’s only you I need by my side.

So now I wait, as you, so patiently,

Waiting for our flames, again set free,

Then we’ll lie together, side by side,

To see the flames of love reflected in gazing eyes.

4 thoughts on “Flames of Love

  1. It’s the calm, after our storm
    That leaves me lonely
    The blazing heat between us
    Scorching hot,
    Branding, searing….
    We came together, mirrors melting
    You are the only man for me
    The only man I see
    The only man I need
    Flames of love! Engulf me!
    You are the hottest, sexiest man on earth!
    You melt me my sweetlove❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. You’re nowhere near frozen,
      My hot lil girl,
      You burn like the sun,
      You heat my world.
      And now I’ll hibernate,
      I’ll await our new dawn,
      Til next we meet,
      And feel each other’s warmth.

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