Days At Our Feet

The days fell to our feet
And we owned every single one of them
Inside each rise, we made them set
Love was where we placed our bet
We were the only game in town
A fantasy? A dream?
Under the cotton clouds
The musty deceit darkened
Our room, our passion
Fingers grasping flesh
Pinching for realness
But, we played on…
Oiled to ease
(Oh daddy…please…..)
Sliding, gliding
So far inside one another
Your bags that smother
This life we live, in secret
This love we give, in secret

5 thoughts on “Days At Our Feet

  1. Deceit after deceit,
    Fucking on repeat,
    Breaking each other,
    Nearly smothered.
    But all that aggression,
    Fuck after Fuck in succession,
    Tenderness lived,
    As we both chose to give.
    Love, love in a pure form,
    Given, never taken, torn,
    Love in passion’s glare,
    Our love it was always there.

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      1. I more than lust you😈 I am electrified, swollen, needy, desperate, craving, wanting…….omg!! Fly back over here! Stat!!!
        I neeeeeeeeeed youuuuuuuuuuu dadddddddddddddddddddy!😻

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