Through security,

Waiting at the gate,

Nearly time to fly,

Almost time to meet my mate.

Sat with a grin,

I wonder if any know,

That I’m flying to make love,

I’m flying to let love grow.

They’ll soon be calling,

Calling to get on board,

Jesus I hope the flight flies by,

And I land with the beauty I adore.

5 thoughts on “Flying

  1. My love, my lover….
    You flew
    And the time has flown
    Time has a way of creeping so slow, when we want it to go by quick…and it leaves so quick when we want it to last. Every minute I’ve spent with you will last a lifetime in my heart❤️ I love you💕

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      1. The happiest I’ve ever been is when I am with you❤️My beautiful, sweet husband❤️
        Thankyou for traveling around the world to be with me❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

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