My turn, for night

Waiting my turn, waiting for night
Another hot flash rips me apart
Better sex, better everything…
My body is ablaze!
It’s a true midlife crisis!
A 911, with no place to call
The earth suddenly shook
And I wondered if it was my ancestors
Rolling in their graves
Turning their backs
Away from me
From what I’m doing…
I’m still going to wait
For my turn,
For the night
Middle age, sometimes it feels like a cage
But when I’m with you Beast, I feel free❤️

2 thoughts on “My turn, for night

  1. Together we’re free,
    We roam and explore.
    Together we’re everything,
    And so very much more.
    Ancestors just put up with,
    I’ll not do that, no way.
    Ancestors lived then,
    We live for today.
    I love you my Beauty,
    I always will,
    So all our today and yesterday,
    Will have to bend to OUR will.

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