Kitten & Tom

You be the kitten,

I’ll be your Tom.

I’ll prowl in the darkness,

You’ll scream as I climb on.

I’ll Fuck you and claw you,

Our tails swirling round.

I’ll bite and you’ll spit,

As we fight on the ground.

You be my kitten,

Your Tom will subdue.

And I ain’t gonna be a lap cat,

When I feral Fuck you.

6 thoughts on “Kitten & Tom

    1. 30 days, count them down,
      Til cats gather, upon hallowed ground.
      30 days, til paws pad to pounce,
      Til cats use their bodies, every ounce.
      30 days, then you kitten are mine,
      Til I take you down, insert and grind.

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