I soil my shorts,

Precum mess for you.

Can’t wait to get home,

I’ll tell what I’ll do.

I’ll look at your pictures,

Last night’s latex in black.

I’ll pull out my cock,

Pull the foreskin back.

My glands glisten,

Fluid lubricant leaked.

My phallus throbbing,

As now I beat.

Whispering thoughts,

MY little pervert whore.

Fucking with her dildo,

Filling cunt and more.

Then it happens,

As I vigorously wank.

I fire cum over my torso,

It’s you who I thank.

For our lust is shared,

You and I.

A perverted pair,

We could never deny.

So, now we share,

Our masturbatory play.

Until we next meet,

And let loose, unchained.

3 thoughts on “Unchained

  1. And meet we shall
    For cookies and cream
    I’ll beg then scream…
    Is this real or a dream?
    Parted lips, upon parted thighs
    Licking up the middle
    Oh I love how you diddle!
    So happy you liked the latex…
    Wink-wink..my own little sex-hex
    To keep you satisfied
    To keep you supplied
    Until we meet again…
    And you can chow my…mein
    I LOVE YOU!!!


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