Set Free

I lie you back onto our bed, 

I slide myself between your legs. 

I softly kiss your ankle bone, 

And mouth my way up as you gently moan. 

Your soft warm thighs warm my heart, 

A breath of your arousal, the beating starts. 

Blood coursing through my veins, 

Flushed cheeks glanced,  yours the same. 

My tongue teases with the gentlist touch,

My tongue pleases, your growl says as much.

In heaven you hold onto my head, 

Not wanting an end, that you dread.

You cry out in pleasure, cry out in need, 

As I give you the orgasm, my mouth sets you free.

3 thoughts on “Set Free

  1. You don’t just write good sex
    You give it too
    Good lordy….and all that goo!
    A man built to last
    For you, I broke my fast
    Do what you love, love what you do
    Some men aspire
    But can’t light a fire
    You, on the other hand
    Are the full package…
    And what a package it is
    It is my good fortune…
    To spread open for you
    Your cookie to eat
    And my wish come true
    Thankyou my love for writing to me here…
    I adore you!!

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