Almost within reach

Led in a bed, led all alone.

Led somewhere else, nowhere near home.

Wishing I had your company, wishing I were with you.

Wishing we were snuggled, wishing I weren’t so blue.

So I guess I’ll get up, I’ll get showered, I’ll get dressed.

I’ll take a walk in the sun, I’ll do my very best.

To take in the beauty of life, of life here near the beach.

And I’ll try to forget, that you and I are almost within reach.


Pornography holds nothing for me, 

For you’ve ruined it all,  you see. 

No girl on picture, film, or web, 

Exudes the sexuality that you ebb.

We’ve talked on occasion about what I’ve liked, 

But I only want to see you tonight. 

Pornography might have well of died, 

For I only want you before my eyes. 

Yes, I did have a crush on you…

Yes, I did have a crush on you

Immediately…if you must know

Love at first sight,

I think that is what it’s called

Or is it love at first bite…

The impresario of my body

You melted bits of me

With your loving alchemy

Reorganizing the room

Where your sleeping beauty had lain

Lacing me up with all your fantasies

Tightening all my promises

Inside those corsets of our making

Until they left marks

Until you felt them too

Did we make love?

Or was it already there

Waiting for us…

My sweet sexy-hot Englishman,

I proudly wear your fang marks

The symbols of your devotion

For I am eternally yours!

I love you Beast oxoxoxoxoxo