That Mask…

I was spinning in circles

One on top of the other, and so forth

A masterpiece, my sort-of-collage

People only seeing what they wanted

An optical delusion, my mirage

All those lies, in careful disguise

It was a picture of me, in that mask…

Do you remember the one my love?

You saw right through it

And knew what to do

You stopped me

And gave me your heart

I love you Beast❤️

3 thoughts on “That Mask…

  1. I saw you,
    I saw what I wanted to see.
    In many ways,
    I saw me.
    An open heart,
    Needing more.
    An open mind,
    Ready to explore.
    I saw you,
    The real you, it’s true.
    You couldn’t hide,
    I saw straight through.

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