Your Total Mystique

You are unique in so many ways

(You’ve set my desire ablaze!)

The profile of your face

(wettens my lace)

Those two special whorls

(I wanna wear your pearls)

Your thoughtful, beautiful poetry

(Cum see me, please hurry!)

Your mouth, shaped like a heart

(I did fall in love from the very start)

Your sexy af hands….!

(Gah! My libido stands!!!)

The way you swirl your hips…

(mmm…I love it when you lick my lips)

Your sexy, soft-spoken british accent

(Our bodies sealed together, sweaty-cement)

The way you love, completely

(Whisper to me Daddy…whisper sweetly…)

But mostly what makes you unique

Beyond your hot bod, and the way you speak

Is your total mystique

I love you Beast❤️

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