In Life’s Game

Like a spider stalking her prey,

Each movement carefully thought out.

Eyes on her prize led on the bed,

She’ll feed she has no doubt.

Slowly climbing over him,

Limbs lengthened in dim light.

Lips brushing down his chest,

Excitement overload he fights.

His phallus swollen, risen for her,

As she squats to tease with wet warm lips.

Rubbing her essence o’er his cock,

With deft motion of her hips.

Her want as needy as his it’s true,

Her desire just as high.

But she has control of this morsel now,

As onto his sex she slides.

A gasp in union,

Both release held pent up breaths.

Predator and prey as one,

In life’s game, not death’s.

I’m looking to October

I miss your touch,
Your smooth sweet skin.
I miss our time,
Our carnal sin.
I’m looking to October,
To soothe my soul.
I’m looking to October,
To make me whole.
Nothing and no-one,
Can do what you do,
No-one else could ever give me you.
I miss your taste,
Your aroma I love.
I can’t wait for October,
I can’t come fast enough.

Oral Slaves

Lying alone in my empty bed, 

I can more than imagine you giving me head. 

I can feel your tongue lick along shaft,

Your pussy in my face, my hands grabbing your arse. 

Sixty nine a surprise that you liked,

Something before you’d felt over hyped. 

But again with me a new experience to behold,

And I swear my love I’d stay there til I’m old.

For receiving gives pleasure, and that you gave.

I gave it back, each other’s loving oral slaves.

Two hearts

Two hearts
The lines combine
Shape of your lips
My tongue swallows
Filling the hallows
Two circles
Riding on a silver line
Shape of our love
My hand grasps
Reminded of those gasps
Love letters of yesterday
Hidden away for only my eye
A tin, a London eye
My soul ebulliently rushes
My body tingles with electricity
My mind clicks onto one track
Is this love?
You have made me gambol!
My love….you are my greatest gamble
In my dreams we are victorious
My tongue licking your sartorius
Your body, gates to my heaven
Your soul, my angel of mercy
Your mind, answers to my prayers
I love you Beast❤️