Muscle Bound

I love it when you play dress up

Those nets to the waist

Ripped…right…there…in haste

Letting me see exactly what you got


With those black boots!!!

Muscle bound legs spread

I see it, you, everything….

Saluting so proud

A head without a shroud

Impossibly hard

Impossibly large

So, so kinky Beast…😈

You are my sex-feast `



That Mask…

I was spinning in circles

One on top of the other, and so forth

A masterpiece, my sort-of-collage

People only seeing what they wanted

An optical delusion, my mirage

All those lies, in careful disguise

It was a picture of me, in that mask…

Do you remember the one my love?

You saw right through it

And knew what to do

You stopped me

And gave me your heart

I love you Beast❤️

You’re nakey

You’re nakey, 

Except long socks. 

Legs open wide, 

Spread babygirl’s crotch. 

You’re nakey, 

Just for me.

Arse pulled open, 

So daddy can see. 

You’re nakey,

Oh what a sight. 

A bulge in my pants, 

I’ll deal with tonight. 

You’re nakey, 

My girl, my dream come true.

I thank you,

For all that I see,  for all that you do. 

My mind’s racing

My mind’s racing since you said,

You want it in public, to give me head.

My mind’s racing at the notion,

That you and I will exhibit our lust in motion.

My mind’s racing with a thrill I cannot deny,

That I’ll get to show all who’d watch that you are mine.

My mind’s racing for it’s a shared dream,

And it’ll be just us bound together free.


It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

Since I first saw you, 

Since we started to play. 

We’ve had the highest highs, 

We’ve had extreme lows.

Our very own bodies, 

Dealing out blows. 

But strength is our forte, 

Physically and in mind. 

Strength to get through, 

All obstacles we find.

Strength built with love, 

The component most pure.

The foundation of us, 

True and sure.

It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

And our love is stronger, 

In every way. 


I love you Beauty. I remember the day that you were told I’d fuck and forget.  I remember the conversation about two years and we’re done. I remember the question,  do you still want me?

Well, I’m here, you’re here and I’m deeper in love now than ever. 

I love you Beauty,  I always will, we are FOREVER 🖤🖤🖤