We found a fifth

The intimate pages of my diary

Unspoken, yet bespoken

And it was your fingers

That third night

Deftly and without any reservation

Spreading me open

That solidified my adoration of you

It was inside the four seasons, that we found a fifth

And the words fell from us both

They were telling, and sometimes yelling…

We heard each other

We listened to each other

It was the story of our past, the lyrics of our present

And the promises for our future

4 thoughts on “We found a fifth

  1. And those words
    Those heartfelt pledges
    Those promises made
    Pulled both from edges
    Pulled us together
    Away from the night
    Together to fight
    For true love
    For true devotion
    For souls salvation
    In real, real emotion
    Those words
    Pledges spoken
    Bonded our hearts
    Fixed us from broken

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