You have heart-shaped lips

You held me against your mouth,

Tasting my soft bittersweet love

How can I explain the joy?

What words could possibly describe…

You, my beautiful boy?

Born with lips like a heart

You’ve come into my world

And stolen mine❤️

You are a piece of sweet ginger candy

And you make me altogether randy

I am in physical agony without you

When you are inside my body…

To put it simply: I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life

Ohhhh…my sweet, sexy, bearded poet…

Leaving you in Seattle

Has given me a rattle

And my mind went into battle

I am addicted to you!

How did you think I would handle…

Getting just a small taste of you…

And then having to leave??????

I feel like a blown out candle

I have fallen down, and not gracefully

Spiralled, in the most un-prettiest of fashion

Fuck this! I don’t want to have to ration!!

One thought on “You have heart-shaped lips

  1. You’ve fallen, so have I!
    So deep we’re up to our eyes.
    But we’re here for each other, to heal the wounds.
    To kiss and make good, to feel again soon.
    I know it hurts to leave again,
    I know the pain could drive us insane.
    But it’ll all be worth it, waiting will be sweet.
    For one day my love it’ll be more than just a meet.
    It’ll be I’m here, you’re here to stay.
    So keep the faith my Beauty and wait for that day.

    I love you ❤❤❤

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