Love me like I love you

I won’t see you again for 4 months
That thought, in and of itself
Has left me a complete mess
My insides…feel rendered
It’s a love melt-down
And I feel like I am suffocating in the fungi-cloud
I’m not even getting high
Just low, low, low
The pain is that bad
I’m so low right now…
That the world is walking all over me
My beautiful reflection…
Where have you gone?
My magical mirror…
Where I could see you…
Where I could see me…
Is it broken?
There is such beast inside this beauty…
Our beauty
I have so much love inside…
So tear me apart!
Rip me open!
Pull it out of me!
Love me like I love you❤️

One thought on “Love me like I love you

  1. Our mirrors not broken, it merely runs ahead and then slows. We catch it up, we look to each other’s eyes, to what’s inside, for a few short days. Then, heartbreakingly, off it goes again. But each time it gets harder, our love grows larger.
    Each time it runs it rips strips off our soul, we’re left reeling, healing.
    But we’ll catch it again, cos we both want the same and one of those days it won’t run it will stay.
    That will be our dream come true, forever, me and you.

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