Mouth to Mouth Application

Sweating palms

Dripping heat

Hunting to calm

Because, desire is my only psalm

I wanna be a hooper

A spade hidden in aces

A prodigy of you, my beautiful Beast…

Igniting you like a box of tinder

To the right, to the left

To the left, to the right

My sex is perfectly-ripe

Ready for you to swipe

Sparks from friction

Only add to our addiction

Closer than close

Locked in a meaningful resuscitation

Our word of mouth…

Never broken

For us…love is always spoken

via Daily Prompt: Broken

2 thoughts on “Mouth to Mouth Application

  1. Always spoken.
    Code not hidden like an app.
    I’ll not swipe left or right.
    But I might just tap.
    Gently to start.
    Building to light star bright.
    Harder to end…
    Interstellar flight.
    We’ll burn together,
    Reentry not on the cards.
    We’ll melt into flesh.
    Two aces playing hard.

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    1. Oh! …the images you conjure
      So passionate, so pure
      Words formed, clicked together
      The most magical intensities
      From my tippy toes
      All the way up
      My body bends towards you
      I’m in love!
      With a poet extraordinaire
      Such flare!
      I can’t help but stare…
      My defenses laid bare❤️
      (As well as everything else)
      I cannot hide from your love 💕
      I am exposed
      Our romance being composed
      By you
      Here on wp😘❤️😘😘💚😘😘💚💚

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      1. No not here,
        In our minds that’s clear.
        In person body to body,
        Lust on each other smeared.
        WP a tool to use,
        Us together, sexual abuse.
        A crime against humanity,
        Some would point and accuse.
        But to you and me,
        It ain’t nothing but love.
        The world could do with more,
        More of all the above.
        For I love you from a foreign land,
        Multinational, hand in hand.
        The rest of the world,
        Looks to crash and burn,
        But I don’t care I’ve got you,
        My dream girl.

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