Fresh Flesh Forever

Fast to be so cold

And then the burning slowness…

But first, I digress

And you won’t have to think twice

Our recipe is sugar and spice

We love the sugar…

Reveling in our sweet

And our spice

Is like throwing dice

Even when we want it to be rice

Beast…you are the speculum

That has opened my world

You never fail to satisfy

Aiming for that fourth eye…

It is only with the greatest elation

That I celebrate our conflation

It’s been nearly two years

Since I met you here


My sweet darling dear…

And I can assure you

My wicked-hot englishman

The taste of your flesh

Will forever remain fresh

I love you with all my heart❤️

4 thoughts on “Fresh Flesh Forever

  1. My heart is yours,
    Yours is mine.
    Preserved together,
    Forever, all time.
    Never to bore,
    Not that way at least.
    Never poor,
    A rich banquet, our feast.
    My heart is yours,
    Devour it complete.
    Savour my flavour,
    Its taste rich and sweet.

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