Daily Prompt: Archaic (Love Archaic?)

Love as old as time itself.

Archaic to some, put up on a shelf.

Not to me, not to you.

Love is all we know, love true.

I’ve never been fashionable.

Timeless you might say.

And love? Love for me will never fade away.

It’s old, but without it we wouldn’t be.

Archaic? No, not to me.

via Daily Prompt: Archaic

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Archaic (Love Archaic?)

  1. Your passion will always be in fashion
    Love is ageless
    Existing without time
    Hell yes, without love we would still be
    (I refuse to think of anything keeping us apart…even love)
    We will always be
    Existing without time
    You and me will last forever
    I love you
    I read our blog everyday
    I live for your poetry
    LIVE for your words

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