3 thoughts on “Swollen

  1. You fly half way around the world to feast on me
    On what I have in between my legs…
    Each time we meet
    The first thing you do is fling me atop the bed
    Rip off my pants
    And start licking, kissing, and sucking….
    Before we start fucking, fucking, fucking…
    I thank you my love
    You make me feel like a pretty kitty
    With all of your petting and kind words
    I love you
    Thank you for writing to me here
    Thank you for loving me everywhere

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    1. I love you! All of you! No matter how far.
      I don’t care if i need a plane, train, or a car.
      If I am able, if we’re able to be.
      Together as one, I will always feed.

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