Mouth to Mouth Application

Sweating palms

Dripping heat

Hunting to calm

Because, desire is my only psalm

I wanna be a hooper

A spade hidden in aces

A prodigy of you, my beautiful Beast…

Igniting you like a box of tinder

To the right, to the left

To the left, to the right

My sex is perfectly-ripe

Ready for you to swipe

Sparks from friction

Only add to our addiction

Closer than close

Locked in a meaningful resuscitation

Our word of mouth…

Never broken

For us…love is always spoken

via Daily Prompt: Broken

You pose for me

Soft pillows of perception

And jagged blankets of circumstances

We run in the shadows

Until we can’t

Until we fall asleep behind them

Hand in hand, together forever

Body juxtaposed upon body

My mind is spinning so fast

And my heart is thumping a deep bass

And I can see through your face

And I can see through you….

This is love

You are love

Love is you…

via Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

The Perfect Canvas

Gently, I tie off the rope around your knee and loop the loose end around the iron bed pole pulling your leg up into beautiful symmetry with the other. Now you’re how I want you, hands tied above your head, legs spread in a frog like pose, you’re open, defenceless. I gaze upon the beautiful sight before me, my dream come true.
Your already glistening pussy, moist with anticipation for what you know I can do is sat up waiting for me. Your eyes look longingly into mine, I had thought about a blindfold, but if your eyes were covered I wouldn’t see the look that I now see. I smile a smile of sweet satisfaction, happy that I’ve created the perfect canvas and now it’s time to create.
My fingers settle onto your soft smooth skin, so lightly you barely feel the touch as I trace over you tight buttocks, I feel you tense as the ticklish touch continues down and then back up you perfect long thighs. I feel you shake as nerves give away the feeling you are trying desperately to contain until finally my fingers draw to a halt on either side of your needy labia.
You’re breathing heavier as each second passes, and as I push down and slightly part you slender pussy’s lips I breathe in deeply taking a noseful of you musky feminine scent. I close my eyes and savour the odour that stiffens my cock to attention.
Finally I break the palpable tension, my tongue takes a long flat lap from perenium to clitorus and you let out a relieved groan as I start what we both want and need and suck softly on your swelling sensitive clit.

Fresh Flesh Forever

Fast to be so cold

And then the burning slowness…

But first, I digress

And you won’t have to think twice

Our recipe is sugar and spice

We love the sugar…

Reveling in our sweet

And our spice

Is like throwing dice

Even when we want it to be rice

Beast…you are the speculum

That has opened my world

You never fail to satisfy

Aiming for that fourth eye…

It is only with the greatest elation

That I celebrate our conflation

It’s been nearly two years

Since I met you here


My sweet darling dear…

And I can assure you

My wicked-hot englishman

The taste of your flesh

Will forever remain fresh

I love you with all my heart❤️

You got the lust

If you want blood? You got it.

Love is a direct current

There is no current alternative

We have created a mosaic

Our love is always fresh

It will never be archaic

The only dumping I will ever do

Is gonna be in my toilet….

I know you aren’t into that

You’ll just have to trust me

Marry me the next time we meet

Show me the inside of your heart

Let me see it

Let me feel it

Again and again



via Daily Prompt: Archaic

Daily Prompt: Archaic (Love Archaic?)

Love as old as time itself.

Archaic to some, put up on a shelf.

Not to me, not to you.

Love is all we know, love true.

I’ve never been fashionable.

Timeless you might say.

And love? Love for me will never fade away.

It’s old, but without it we wouldn’t be.

Archaic? No, not to me.

via Daily Prompt: Archaic

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Am I guilty of wanting you too much?

Is it a crime to really want to fuck?

Should I be ashamed of wanting your arse?

Do I demean you by being so crass?

Will you tell me that you want the same?

Are you as perverted as me, truly depraved?

Please tell me yes, that you’re my sweet lil whore.

Please tell me yes, you want my cock and so much more.

Am I guilty of wanting you too much?

Hell yes I am, I’ve felt your touch.

via Daily Prompt: Guilty