My Muff, My Magic Dragon

Reaching down in between my legs

I’m the moth, and the flame

To be both is what I desire…

My life tasteless like tofu

Its rubbery sense of possibility

Tongued, then swallowed

But your poems are like kisses to my wrist

And I’m gonna straddle and ride in my room

Like a horny bride on top of her groom

My body is a raging hard-on

Seeping, leaking

About to blow

My muff, she holds the magic dragon

For which I endlessly chase

Her sex constantly craving

Thank you for feeding me Beast, for letting me be a moth and a flame to you. I love you.

3 thoughts on “My Muff, My Magic Dragon

  1. My moth.
    My flame.
    Like you I’m the same.
    Like you I lust for love.
    Always needing more,
    More of the above.
    You give it.
    You take it.
    Keep going,
    You’ll never break it.
    Sink in.
    Slink on.
    Take me til I’m gone.
    Swallow me whole.
    Swallow me, my soul.

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