White in my black box

How do you like it lover…

Becoming one another’s scar

How do you like it so far?

Turn off your lights

And close your eyes with me


Heart fucking heart

Our limbs

Torn apart

Split at the split

Pleasure filled, and thrilled

At one another…we are most definitely skilled

There should have been a warning!

But you just sat there stiff

White in my black box

Smelling me, but just a whiff

The ambiguity of our sex

Well, I cannot think of anything more sinful

To you, my love, I will always feel the pull


Your body…is my inspiration board


via Daily Prompt: Warning

One thought on “White in my black box

  1. Just one whiff
    Got me stiff
    Resurrected cock
    Again and again
    Just one sniff
    Opened the rift
    To my passionate heart
    To my fertile brain
    Just one whiff
    Opened a gift
    Your pandora’ s box
    Never to be closed again

    I love you too Beauty, forever ☠☠


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