Leap into Love

My whisper is a love-song with a strip-tease

Private thoughts deserving of their privacy

Soft satin somehow frayed, but without any wear

Lean into me, lean onto me my love…

Your spinning, leaping ballerinas

Five on each hand

My flesh is where I want them to land!

Doing their life’s passionate thing

I used to whisper, but oh how I now sing!

You my love…

You are the leotard I can see myself wearing

Over and over….

5 thoughts on “Leap into Love

  1. Climb in and wear me.
    Am I tight as your skin.
    Does it ache to wear me?
    Is it painful at the seams?
    Are the trappings you wear now?
    Enough to set your soul free?
    Or do you need more to dance?
    Do you need me?

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    1. My finger reaches around
      To free you?
      Or to push you in tighter…
      My onesie wedgie
      Deeper Daddy…
      So much deeper
      Tighter than tight
      That’s right….
      Hold me, with all your might

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