I Truly Love

I truly love how I make you feel.

I love how the emotions shown are real.

The fact you need to stop and cum.

The fact it’s for me, that I’m the one.

I love how you need to pause your day.

And message “Daddy I wanna play.”

Then send me the pictures, a video, or call.

Sharing those moments that make you feel whole.

I truly love how I make you feel.

That you love me that much and show me it’s real.

Thankyou my Beauty, my love ❤

2 thoughts on “I Truly Love

  1. This is exactly what happened yesterday…and you’ve turned it into a beautiful poem for me. I cried into my coffee this morning reading your words my love. Happy tears. You have made me whole. You do see me. The real me. I truly love……you❤️

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