Daily Prompt: Provoke

You provoke the most basic of human emotions from within my heart.

You draw desires that we as beings must have felt from the very start.

You raise the feelings that evolution conjured to ensure our survival.

You make me feel more alive than anything else, you have no rival.

I hope that now in this age of enlightenment, this internet age.

You feel this burning, this torrent, this primordial rage.

I hope like me you channel it to love, for nothing but good.

I hope like me it warms your heart and keeps you safe as it should.

You provoke in me all that kept us as a race alive.

You provoke in me the burning need to do more than just survive.

via Daily Prompt: Provoke

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Provoke

  1. You provoke humanity within me
    Love, kindness, goodness
    Your heart is golden
    I lack nothing as long as I have your love
    Thank you for writing such lovely things to me
    I LOVE YOU!❤️

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