Daily Prompt: Identical (Twinned)

It seems like we’re twins,

Identical from birth.

We know what we want,

How each other’s mind works.

We identify our likes,

What pleasures we seek.

It comes so naturally,

It’s by no means a feat.   

They say that twins,

Identical from the womb.

Can feel each other’s presence,

When entering a room.

I feel that with you,

The electricity in the air.

My Beauty if feel you,

Even when you’re not there.

I know we aren’t siblings,

Of this I’m so pleased.

Cos we’re more, we’re soulmates,

We were destined to be.

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Daily Prompt: Blush (That Look)

As I look at you from across our table,

You look at me to see if you’re able,

To work out what my thoughts might be,

To get inside my mind, inside of me.

It’s then as the room quietens to a hush,

I see your cheeks redden, warm to a blush,

You’ve seen it there, seen in my eyes,

You’ve seen me undress you, taking my time.

You know what I’m thinking, it’s oh so arousing,

I smile, knowing the needs you are housing.

So I lean forwards and whisper just one line.

Take me home, tonight you’re mine.

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Patience for Purpose

You’ve got some nerve
Twenty-twenty even in the dark
My body bends, swerves…
I feel the delicious tension
In my mind, my skin, my sex

As illusions become optical
Colors so strong
Our love streams a rainbow

An exam for my patience
My beast that needs to feed
My soul that needs to be fed
Let me see
What you got

Mmmm so nice
You know you’re my vice
Asleep inside your sleeping bag
My tongue teases
Until you crawl into my mouth
Where you belong

That’s right
That’s the way
A screw in a nut
I told you my love…
Purpose realized
I am your slut❤️

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Daily Prompt: Patience

Patience, the virtue which I most often request.

But somehow seem to fail myself.

Advising that good comes to those who wait.

Whilst in my heart that time so grates.

Why must we wait? I here you say.

Then after explaining I too wonder for days.

Why oh why? I ponder on.

Until my need subsides, although never gone.

Patience, a virtue we both must exercise.

Even though we both always ask why?

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I Truly Love

I truly love how I make you feel.

I love how the emotions shown are real.

The fact you need to stop and cum.

The fact it’s for me, that I’m the one.

I love how you need to pause your day.

And message “Daddy I wanna play.”

Then send me the pictures, a video, or call.

Sharing those moments that make you feel whole.

I truly love how I make you feel.

That you love me that much and show me it’s real.

Thankyou my Beauty, my love ❤

Daily Prompt: Incubate (Wanton Decree)

Let my lust in, let it settle, cosy and warm.

Let it incubate, let it comfort and soothe.

Let my cock impregnate, let it fill and stretch.

Let it glide back and forth, in motion smooth.

Let our passions merge, become one through sex.

Let our humanity loose, free what we’re meant to be.

Let your self go, cum in ecstacy as I will too.

Let’s forget all but ourselves, selfish in this wanton decree.

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Beauty runs deeper than skin on your bones.

Beauty audible in each whimper, each moan.

Beauty can be felt in your grip as you hold.

Beauty claimed mine through actions bold.

Beauty in motion, two lovers create.

Beauty passing lust, mate to mate.

Beauty in passion, in spent energies.

Beauty in you, the glow I now see.