Daily Prompt: Betrayed (Set in stone)

Cerebrally  betrayed

You read my mind

Got into my head

To dig, to find

There laid bare

You found my truth

You found my heart’s reason

You saw the proof

It’s just as well

That I’ve nothing to hide

For internally or externally

I’ll always confide

I’ve betrayed nothing 

Know what is already known

I love you

It’s in my head, heart, set in stone

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A Longing

Longing to feel your skin against mine.

Longing to feel your heat inside.

Longing to taste you, to lick, to kiss.

Longing to synchronise hip to hip.

Longing to breathe deep breaths with you.

Longing to gasp as we grind love through.

Longing to come apart, destroyed by lust.

Longing to share with you, our ultimate trust.

Longing that’s there every single day.

Longing that I know will never go away.

Longing that I’ll never lose.

A longing for you, a longing I choose.

Daily Prompt: Frantic (Yesterday)

Yesterday was frantic.

Everybody want something done.

Yesterday was stressful.

Each item bore contention.

Yesterday I couldn’t wait.

To get home to be with you.

Yesterday I relaxed in love.

I turned to a warm wet goo.

Yesterday started manically.

Just one of those tiring times.

Yesterday ended sleepily.

 Snuggled up in your loving arms.


Beauty, I’m sorry I fell asleep… I love you, you are the most wonderfully loving girl in all the world… I wish I didn’t need sleep so we had twenty four hours a day… I love you ❤

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The real deal

I’ve just been looking at your pictures.

The ones you took for me.

I’m astounded by your beauty.

Shocked that we could really be.

The real deal, in love with one another.

The real deal, truly passionate lovers.

The real deal, soul mates together.

The real deal, friends forever and ever.

I’ve just been looking at your pictures.

The ones you took for me.

And I needed to say thank you.

You mean everything to me.


Burning A Trail

Burning a trail to reach our love.

Blazing across skies rising above. 

Flying high to unite once again.

Climbing, soaring, destroying all pain.

In 30 days we’ll again be set free.

Nothing will exist, just you and me.

Eye to eye, heart to heart.

There in that place I’d wish never to depart. 

Burning a trail to reach you my love.

Blazing across skies to rise, rise above.


Daily Prompt: Inefficient (Controversial Inefficiency)

The expenditure of energy between you and I.

Is inefficient and wasteful in some people’s eyes.

But frankly I couldn’t care less as we’re not in business here.

And when we start to monitor our love I’d truly fear.

Statistical process is frankly full of shit.

And there is no place in my heart for any of it.

So beauty let’s get wasteful and release energy.

And controversially fuck away the numbers inefficiently!

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Ride the tri chord

Your filthy animal

Your heretical beast

Diminishing the fifth

To get my release

Summoning things

From a place below

To give me strength

To unleash your flow

Licking you higher

Than any flame

Biting and sucking

Vampiretic til your drained

And then it continues

Both our tortured souls

Implode on each other

Before we explode

Like a beacon fire

We burn oh so bright

And for all the sin

We’ll sleep in heaven that night

So Beauty my love

Take this ride with me

And experience pleasures

Banned like the three

Leap into Love

My whisper is a love-song with a strip-tease

Private thoughts deserving of their privacy

Soft satin somehow frayed, but without any wear

Lean into me, lean onto me my love…

Your spinning, leaping ballerinas

Five on each hand

My flesh is where I want them to land!

Doing their life’s passionate thing

I used to whisper, but oh how I now sing!

You my love…

You are the leotard I can see myself wearing

Over and over….