Like the present…

Salivation pours…
As your tongue spreads it
Like melted butter across your teeth
And before you swallow it down
You taste the oily evidence…
Of anticipation!
You’ve prayed
For this prey
All those camouflaged desires
Blackened eyes
And verbal-stab wounds
Hiding behind life’s alternate facade
Toe tapping anxiousness
Glimpsing a ray of sunshine
Are you ready?
You say to yourself…
It’s fight or flight
She’s in your sight
And your site…
There’s no time
Like the present
Feeling cocksure…
Your cock’s sure too
Her white meets your white
Or is it your black?
Your lips smack
It feels like a heart attack!
She looks at you
You wonder if she’s waiting for you to pull the trigger….

via Daily Prompt: Present

3 thoughts on “Like the present…

  1. I’d hide
    I’d wait
    Your bush
    Stab into
    Your flesh
    Mine all mine
    From nowhere
    But hell
    Your mine

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