I’m 47…

I’m 47

I’m in heaven✨
I found it here on earth
With you…
A pearl
For my necklace…
I’m in a tight-twirl 
Your needy babygirl
It’s you…I swirl
The time we have…
Lasting an eternity
Holding hands
Bundled up in love
Happy….truly happy…
My hips move like my lips
My lips move like my hips…
Swallowing you whole
Shaking free your soul
Making you feel it too…
Our heaven on earth 🌏
I love you Beast ❤️

2 thoughts on “I’m 47…

  1. Hehehe…

    Lips n hips,
    Sips n licks.
    Oh what joy the earth is now.
    Kiss n tell,
    Heaven n hell.
    We’ll last forever this is how.
    Bundled n snuggled,
    Tight n huggled,
    Never ever ever letting go.
    Lust n love,
    From below n above.
    We will last and we know.

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