The courage to look

Courage to look…

And the power I find
When I look into your eyes
The magic they contain💫
To a paradise I’ve never known🌈
I’m so high on you
I swear
I’m never coming down
I’m taking off my weights!
I don’t need them…
I don’t even need clothes!
I’m staying up here with you
There are a million reasons why…
We can’t 
But there are a billion more why…
We can
I love you❤️

5 thoughts on “The courage to look

  1. Up here are a billion stars.
    Each a kiss for your lips.
    Rise up my angel dear,
    And absorb each, as I grip.
    I’ll hold you,
    Feel your nakedness.
    I’ll keep you,
    As we’re both blessed.
    So rise to take every kiss.
    Rise to forever with me my miss.
    Rise to make our love true.
    Rise and love me as I do you.

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