Like those leaves…

I’m on fire!

A burning woman
A million drops
Of perspiration
Maybe more..
Drip from each pore
Like those leaves 
On that tree
Let’s count them my love!
You go that way
I’ll go this way
And we’ll kiss in the middle😘
Not pecking
Not like those birds…
With tongues!
Twisty and wet
Wrestling and skintight
And we’ll hold tight too
Before we start counting again
All the ways I love you❤️

3 thoughts on “Like those leaves…

  1. One, two,
    Skip a few.
    Now I see you.
    99, 100,
    Higher I’ll count.
    To taste your pleasure before you mount.
    Leaves scattered,
    On all the winds.
    For we bathe in sweaty raw sin.

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