Valentine, Oh Valentine.

Valentine, oh Valentine,

What have you done?

You’ve gone and brought me,

Brought me my one.

The Beauty I conspire with,

The girl from my dreams.

The Angel that I’d prayed for,

The one to set my heart free.

Valentine, oh Valentine,

Can you not see.

That you’ve made your self redundant,

At least when it comes to me.


Beauty, Valentine brought you to me.

He’s given me the greatest gift of any I could receive, I thank him, I thank you.

Please be mine this day and every other after…

I love you 💘


3 thoughts on “Valentine, Oh Valentine.

  1. Yours always
    Yours in all-ways
    To be set free
    To feel alive
    Within one another
    We have unwrapped the greatest gift of all
    Happy Valentine’s Day Beast! I LOVE YOU!
    Big kisses and big hugs oxoxoxoxoxoxox

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