Prosthetic Cunt

As I close my eyes,

 I slip inside.

I gasp a breath,

Warmth bereft.

Prosthetic cunt,

Effective but blunt.

Yes it’s good,

Just like it should.

But it isn’t you, you see,

It could never ever be.

Missing feeling, missing warmth,

Missing lust, missing love sworn.


2 thoughts on “Prosthetic Cunt

  1. I watch you slip inside
    So thick, I wonder if you’ll fit
    But fit you do…
    Slipping and sliding and then…
    Fucking your hand
    The sight is so grand!
    Toys that bring pleasure
    All in good measure…
    The next best thing
    For your coiled…spring
    I saw you today
    Giving it a what for…
    In the absence of your lil miss whore…
    As usual, you were thrilling
    Not at all a bore
    That sheath certainly got a drilling!
    I love you Beast! Thank you for my porn this morning!! You are the best pornstar on earth!!

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