Daily Prompt: Simplify (A More Austere Time )

If my aim was merely to simplify,

I’m afraid your arse I must dimplify. 

For base as it may seem my love.

Stripping you back is not nearly enough.

Back to the basics of a more austere age.

Where punishments were dealt to unwilling slaves.

The strap for misdemeanors that only I see.

A sting sewn deep for you from me.

So let me again quietly clarify.

Convey in words simplified

Your arse is mine to redden raw.

An activity from the past I simply adore.

Fear not this correction, fear not the pain.

For I fear my Beauty you’ll adore it just the same.

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Simplify (A More Austere Time )

  1. Yes it is true….
    I adore all we do
    Nothing off limits…
    (Well…except for that one thing….hehe)
    With you…the sky isn’t even our limit
    Our passions ride the tide all the way
    Beyond the clouds of white and gray
    We swirl and ride the curl
    As deep as we can go, deeper still yet
    The dust of our lust sparkles and shines
    We see it nightly above, guiding our way
    To simplify: I simply adore you Beast. You and all you do. Everything about you. Everything you are. You are my real.

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