Daily Prompt: Premonition (My Life’s Mission)

My life’s new mission,

To fulfil the premonition.

The foresight I saw,

Me, fucking you raw.

My life’s new mission,

Was not a hard decision.

Live lonely without lust,

Or kink with you in trust.

My life’s new mission,

Comes with no conditions.

Other than to say,

Your mine, now let’s play!

Gah! I love you Beauty my kinky lil minx! 😄😄😄

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Daily Prompt: Imagination (Run Wild)

Let your imagination run wild my girl.

Think of all the fun we could unfurl.

Dream of all the toys we’d both use.

Conjure up what you’d like to do.

Do you yearn for the kink and sin.

Do you share my thoughts behind that grin.

Will you as I, facilitate.

And just like me give and take.

Let your imagination run wild my girl.

And whisper it into my ear those pervy pearls.

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Love like sand

Never, the day will never come.

When, when I say our love is done.

Always, I’ll hold you in my heart.

Beginning, right now with a fresh start.

Horizon, not an end just a hiding place.

Future, where hope and forever waits.

Beauty, is yours, like sands in time.

Love, that’s yours, in every grain however fine.

Daily Prompt: Conversant

I may not be conversant,

With the hieroglyphics on an ancient frieze.

But I know what to say to you,

If you’d listen a moment please.

You are the light that feeds my world.

You are the rain that feeds its growth.

You are the breeze that keeps it fresh.

You are the reason I promise this oath.

I will talk as long as you’ll listen.

I will smile as long as you smile too.

I will love.

I will always love you.

These words and their language.

Time will never forget.

So understand them my Beauty.

Conversant or not, in stone they’re now set.

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Femininity for assay

Moaning from my gut

You…Tut tut

Cracking me open like a crab

You…Stab stab

My femininity on display

You…Assay Assay

Darkened eyes a hypnotic tik-tok

A drowning trance

My sensual lullabye

I’m praying for your rain

Holding my breath until I feel the pain

Grab hold of my legs

Balance me in between your beauty

And your beast…

Enable my full bloom!

Your special hold

Warms me from the cold

My lover, my friend

Throaty death growls

To a breathy whisper:

My heart is true

I love you❤️

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