The Wall

Slide me to the edge

And fold me down

I fall in line

I stay in line

When exactly did I become…

Uncomfortable and numb?

Plucking at the thick air

Whipping my hair

I live for the music

Until you’re near

Then I live for you

I’m dreaming today

A day-dream

About that bed

About that edge

About your mouth

My heart just let out a gasp

Impossible to Stifle

“I miss you Beast”

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

4 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. I’ll pull you to the edge of heaven.
    Pull you to the edge of that bed.
    I’ll get inside you deeper than ever.
    I’ll get deep inside your beautiful head.
    Lip service no, lip serviced yes.
    Licking up all the lust that you give.
    Bucking a trend like bucking on top.
    I’ll give as well as you know I’ll receive.
    For I love you, as you love me.
    Forever, eternally.
    And you know truly what that means.
    A life together, a life lived free.

    I love you too my Beauty ❤❤❤

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