Stifling Our Need

Sliding back and forth

Through life…

Through love

I’ll make you gently weep

While we listen to the guitar

Music from the dresser

Two naughty evils, but never the lesser

My sweetness eases

Friction for our releases

I’ve such a warm snatch to Stifle

The hard ridge of your….rifle

Galloping a grind

Frees the mind

Of all but one thought

For our bodies have needs

And so we’ll do these dirty deeds

Over and again

Again and over

Until our pleasures become our pains…

Until…we can no longer

Until…nothing remains

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

3 thoughts on “Stifling Our Need

  1. We’ll never see nought.
    Whilst dirty minds have thought.
    Whilst blood pumps.
    Your rump I’ll hump.
    The tunes set pace.
    To win the race.
    For the need to reach.
    To cum we beseech.
    For there and only then.
    Will our love truly blend.
    Mixed to our own tune.
    To be played again soon.
    To be played again soon.

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