My Ashes Scattered

Your hand Stifles my moan

The words I would speak

My body’s song

Now I am lying in wait

For your return

My face to the sky

Absorbing its downpour

The dust is settling

Or is it pieces of me, of you?

That I feel…

Crashing down

Like those waves

Pretending we are the mavericks

Pretending that we are the swell

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

One thought on “My Ashes Scattered

  1. I’m your wave crashing upon your shore.
    I am the love you’ll need for no more.
    I am the memories of past and yet to come.
    We are not two but conjoined as one.
    We will not scatter into the wind.
    For we are bound held from within.
    I cannot wait to feel the breeze in our hair.
    Mavericks together forever we dare.


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