Indisputable Love

The bow sways

Our journey met with motion

From the bay not the ocean

I stop to sit

And gather

All my questions

That have no answers…

I could throw them away

These questions…

Right now

In a flash!

The hot kind…

My melting flesh,

My wet dreams

Could take them out to sea…

Oh…but how I love you!

My beautiful man

My sweet Beast

How I love us!

This love Inscrutable

Holding me, holding us

Our passion irrefutable

It’s that

Moment when you enter me

That I enter you


Suddenly…in a hot….flash!

It all makes sense

And I can see clearly

The answers

To all those questions

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

5 thoughts on “Indisputable Love

  1. As I enter clarity calls.
    Opening our eyes seeing all.
    The truth revealed as bluntly as can be.
    Inscrutable? Let’s dig to see….
    I love you that’s clear my love.
    I hope you can make sense of it, enough.

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