Immigration, torturous wait, eternity!

Waiting in line to be seen.

Months have passed by since our last kiss,

A time I’ve learned to accept as routine.

But I’m here now,

Just yards from your tender touch.

Can’t they just let me through?

Am I really asking too much?

Immigration, torturous wait, eternity!

Waiting in line to seen.

Months have passed since our last kiss.

It’s these last seconds that kill me.


3 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. lol…me too!!!!!!!
    Your phone starts buzzing with mail after mail…
    Text after text….
    ‘Dadddddyyyyyy…where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu?’
    ‘I’m here dadddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’
    ‘Where are you now?’
    ‘How much longer? I’m dying Daddy! Dying!!!’
    I love you so much. Knowing you are somewhere…waiting to see me….needing to see me…just like I am waiting and needing….
    Ooh! The anticipation build….
    I love dry humping at the airport! lololololololol

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